Amber Reyngoudt

Wallabii is about discovering and sharing cool products.

This site started by my passion for awe-inspiring fashion, furniture, art and other musings. I'm far from an expert in any of these areas, I'm actually a software engineer. Still, I have an obsession for shopping and an eye for unique things.

The last few years I shopped less at brick and mortar stores and shopped mostly online.  The part I missed the most about shopping out at stores was shopping with my girlfriends. I missed being able to ask a girlfriend "hey, what do you think of this?". I wanted to create a place were I could shop awe-inspiring products and have my besties shop along side me.  And voila, Wallabii was born.

Wallabii was realized, designed, coded, and curated by just two people, myself and my co-founder. This is our labor of passion and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.

Amber Reyngoudt
Co-founder & CEO 
Skull Ninja Labs

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How to use Wallabii

  • Suggestions

    Making suggestions teaches our system about the products you like.  If you see something you find fun, cool, sexy, geeky or would make a good gift.  Go for it,  make a suggestion.  All of your friends and subscribers  will see these suggestions.

  • Your Collection

    When you see something you like you can save it to a list in your collection.  Custom lists are a great way to help you organize your products.

  • Add Products

    You can add products from anywhere on the Web.   Just enter the url of the product into the Add Product dialog.

  • Subscriptions

    You can subscribe to people, stores, and lists. You automatically subscribe to all of your Facebook friends, and you'll be notified when they join Wallabii.

  • Ask Friends

    Need a second opinion from a friend whether you should buy something?   You can ask a friend about any product on the website.   We will send your friend a message via email or Facebook, and they will be presented with a link to the product with an option to respond.   You'll receive a notification from us whtir their response.